Understanding the Plus500 Webtrader System

The Plus500 Webtrader system is an online trading environment that is popular in Europe and Asia. It is one of the few online only front ends, which means there is nothing to download and install. This can be helpful to any trader that does not have a proxy server that is secure. The 500 system is easy to understand and use. It allows for trading on multiple markets and is easy to learn, it has one of the highest user ratings for tutorial systems of all the webtrader packages. The main advantages of the system is that it offers exchange abilities on more markets than most and allows for a lower minimum deposit to open a live subscription. An added feature is their tiered incentive system that combined with a first deposit can get a new trader going on Forex and other markets quickly.

Beyond Forex

Most any trader will think of online environments as only being available for the Forex exchange, the Plus500 Webtrader allows you to trade on several CFD sources. These include Forex as well as indices like the S & P, Nikkeir and FTSE, EFTs, stocks and commodities exchanges in varying regions. The Plus500 webtrader serves as a single point of entry to allow you to maintain a broad portfolio to better withstand the fluctuations of the markets.

Desktop, Web and Mobile Platforms

Like most of the trading platforms, Plus500 was originally designed as a desktop application. As the markets and technology have evolved, so has the software. In 2009, the service went online as a web only based environment, requiring no download and then began offering mobile access to smart phones and other portable web access units. These two options make the system ideal for any trader involved with Forex as the 24 hour trading cycles of the Forex market necessitate constant access, even when you are on the go. The web only environment allows for trading from public computers and the mobile access means you can log in to see the account and analyze market data at will. You can even switch between platforms by triggering the automatic synching option that is account and not installation based.

Learning the Platform

The Plus500 Webtrader offers one of the best learning systems available throught eh combined attention they have given to developing a demo platform, however their educational material that is available through any access mode leaves much to be desired. The demo feature lets you experience the system and trading on real time markets using virtual funds so nothing is at risk. Under the education tab, you will not find FAQs, tutorials and forums that can help you find the answer to any question you may have. However, there are many third party sites that can provide you with help and analysis tools to fill that gap.

Funding Options

When you are done learning the system, you can fund your real account using a variety of options from PayPal to Skrill to brick and mortar transfers and more. Unusual for a trading system, Plus500 also allows you to fund an account using your debit or credit card. The trading interface is easy and designed to save a webtrader time. Simply find the unit you want to buy or sell, click on it, input the value amount and hit submit. Posting is instantaneous to your history once the trade has been actualized on the market.

Tiered Bonus Program

In addition to the free demo program, Plus500 offers a bonus program as an incentive for a new trader to open accounts with the system. Depending on the initial deposit amount, the new trader will receive up to a $10,000 free bonus. It is important to note that the bonus amount is not available for withdrawal as cash funds from your accounts. It is a virtual amount applied to the trader balances that then transfers to real monies based upon the profit percentage points earned. The minimum to open a live fund as a trader is $100, which immediately earns you a $25 trading bonus.

Regulation and Surety

Plus500 is monitored by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the United Kingdom. The FSA guarantees the first £50,000 of any claim in regards to funding, but not the first £50,000 in regards to perceived profit point earnings. FSA has a reputation as being one of the toughest regulation authorities in the world, which can help give members a better sense of surety. Another helpful thing is that the spreads on Plus500 are fixed system wide. This helps prevent mishap as there is more clarity and transparency at the beginning of the transaction.